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Electric bike

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Nanoo electric bike is the ultimate choice for your life in the city. A brand new, practical and comfortable way to change your life for good and take action to make your town greener and healthier while Nanoo gives you the extra boost any time you need it when you are tired or you have to face a hill or a climb that usually leaves you breathless.

Thanks to thepedal assist systemyou are ready for your urban adventures leaving behind not just the traffic, but also the fatigue of the classic bike. Ride at up to 25km/h to get to the other side of the city in a short time and with no effort. Nanoo is the ideal solution to be on time at your meetings without worrying about traffic jams and sweating your shirt.

The electric motors are designed to minimize the bike weight and volume, so that the e-bikes are easy to carry around even when they are closed, just like a carry on. Because Nanoo means “easy” also in the e-bike version!



1. To get an extra boost any time you need it


2. To ride a fast, safe and comfortable bike in your everyday tours


3. To say goodbye to your car and to traffic jams and live your city in a healthier and stressless way


4 Because only with Nanoo “electric bike” means lightness and freedom! Ma solo con Nanoo!


12" wheel SCROLL

14" wheel

16" wheel

WHEEL RIM12” aluminum alloy14” aluminum alloyi16” aluminum alloy
BRAKING SYSTEMV-BrakeDisc brakesDisc brakes
HANDLEBARFlexible aluminum, height adjustableFlexible aluminum, height adjustableFlexible aluminum, height adjustable
CRANKSET56 teeth56 teeth56 teeth
GEARBOXShimano 7-speedShimano 8-speedShimano 8-speed
BIKE STANDAluminum, springAluminum, springAluminum, spring
WEIGHT12,5 kg without battery13 kg without battery13,4 kg without battery
WARRANTY2 years2 years2 years
TESTResistant to salin mistResistant to salin mistResistant to salin mist
MAXIMUM LOADCan carry a person up to 110 kg and 2.05 meters tall, switching the saddle postCan carry a person up to 110 kg and 2.05 meters tall, switching the saddle postCan carry a person up to 110 kg and 2.05 meters tall, switching the saddle post
BOX DIMENSIONSBox 12” 101x28x64Box 14” 102x26x70Box 16” 110x27x91
FOLDED BIKE DIMENSIONS97x27x6799x30x74110x25x88
OPEN BIKE DIMENSIONS105x55x110110x54x126105x55x142
MAXIMUM SPEED* 25 km/h (on average road conditions)25 km/h (on average road conditions)25 km/h (on average road conditions)
Forget about the traffic with our smaller wheel. The tiny diameter and the pedal assist are great for a ride without problem among congestion, double-parked cars and to get to your destination in time and without sweating. The 12" e-bike is the ideal solution if you are looking for a new and smarter way to deal with errands and commuting with the support of the electric model and its small size.Leave your car in the garage, forget the chaos of public transport service and enjoy the city without caring about traffic and parking. The 14" wheel is the perfect deal between stability and a compact size. Thanks to the boost of the electric model, you can reach the speed of 25km/h with no effort and never be late to any meeting. And when you get to your destination, fold your bike and take it with you just like a carry-on.If you are looking for the best
experience from your folding electric
bicycle, the 16" Nanoo e-bike is
made for you. The wider wheel grants
you the best guidance performance,
with an extra boost both on urban
and dirty roads, so that you can
cover long distances and climb
hills with no effort. Partner for your
week-end adventures, reliable and
safe in everyday life. All in a small
package when folded, Nanoo style.

A small and light battery for a great performance

Travel up to a 40 kilometers range* thanks to the lithium-ion battery of Nanoo folding e-bikes that will assist your rides all day long. And as you get home or at the office you just have to unplug the battery from the bike and get a full charge in 3 hours using any plug.
A small, light and reliable support for your thousands errands everyday.

*The effective range depends on how you use Nanoo and on the road you are riding. But no panic: for your city tours is more than enough!

Choose the best assistance for your ride

Find the boost you need with our pedal-assist technology: three different levels for 12″ Nanoo, five for 14″ and 16″ models!
Discover your rhythm with the right boost from the motor and let the pedals help you. Take the assistance to the top to face a sudden climb, or leave it at 1 for an easy ride downtown.

You can change the settings any time without leaving the handlebar to match the road you are riding and avoid charge waste. And thanks to the Walk Assistant setting, 14″ and 16″ Nanoo are ready to go in electric even when stationary!

The best balance, even with the motor

Keep your bike under control thanks to the low center of gravity that gives more stability and safety to your ride. Nanoo bikes are designed to help you keep your balance in a simple way under any circumstances.

Motor and battery are mounted in the lower part of the bike, close to the wheels, to discharge the weight to the ground and for a better distribution of the load, even when the bike is folded. With Nanoo you get all the privileges of the pedal-assist system in a small and light package.



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    Dimensions 70 × 50 cm
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