Classic bike

Classic bike

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Jump on Nanoo and get rid of traffic: you are about to meet the best folding bike for your city rides.

You can forget crowded buses, the rush to reach the other part of the city on time, the struggle to find a free taxi. With Nanoo always by your side you can discover a smart and eco-friendly way to move around without stress enjoying a good ride outdoors.

Easy to fold and unfold, simple to carry around locked in a compact package, our folding bikes are designed for people like you looking for a new, more agile and sustainable, mobility concept. Thanks to its unique folding system, Nanoo helps you say goodbye to commuting stress with a light-weight and easy-to-carry folding bike.

Your brand new Nanoo is always ready to follow you in the trunk of your car, to jump on trains with you or to wait at its spot in your office. You’ll just need a click to open it up and start exploring the city, enjoying happy hours and sightseeing tours, shopping and a simple ride in the park. Easy like a carry-on, funny like a bicycle!



1. To turn a boring bus ride in a comfortable and exciting ride


2. Because commuting and errands can become a chance to ride


3. To enjoy again the breeze on your face as when you were kid


4. Because starting from today Nanoo is your new word for bike Ma solo con Nanoo!


12" Wheel SCROLL

14" Wheel

16" Wheel

WHEEL RIM12” aluminum alloy14” aluminum alloyi16” aluminum alloy
BRAKING SYSTEMV-BrakeDisc brakesDisc brakes
HANDLEBARFlexible aluminum, height adjustableFlexible aluminum, height adjustableFlexible aluminum, height adjustable
CRANKSET56 teeth56 teeth56 teeth
GEARBOXShimano 7-speedShimano 8-speedShimano 8-speed
BIKE STANDAluminum, springAluminum, springAluminum, spring
WEIGHT12,5 kg13 kg13,4 kg
WARRANTY2 years2 years2 years
TESTResistant to salin mistResistant to salin mistResistant to salin mist
MAXIMUM LOADCan carry a person up to 110 kg and 2.05 meters tall, switching the saddle postCan carry a person up to 110 kg and 2.05 meters tall, switching the saddle postCan carry a person up to 110 kg and 2.05 meters tall, switching the saddle post
BOX DIMENSIONSBox 12” 101x28x64Box 14” 102x26x70Box 16” 110x27x91
FOLDED BIKE DIMENSIONS97x27x6799x30x74110x25x88
OPEN BIKE DIMENSIONS105x55x110110x54x126105x55x142
The perfect Nanoo if you are looking for an agile and easy-to-carry folding bike. We designed this model thinking about commuters and their struggles between public transit service and crazy walks to get on the connecting train on time. With Nanoo you can enjoy a nice ride to get to your job and come back home, the perfect way to charge your energy in the morning and clear your mind at the end of the day!The folding bike for everyday life. Small and dynamic to easily move in traffic jams, but with a wider wheel for a faster ride. The 14" Nanoo is designed for people like you who love to wander in the neighborhood and discover new corners, perhaps with an unscheduled stop for a drink or some shopping. Thanks to Nanoo everything becomes simpler: you just need to fold your bike and take it with you!The perfect bike if you are looking
for a more similar experience to the
traditional bicycle, with a wider wheel
and all the convenience of a ride
that you can always take with you.
Nanoo will follow you everywhere, from
the train to its spot in your office,
and with the 16" wheel you will
experience all the sensations of a nice
ride and the pros of a folding bike.

Small wheel, great performance

Nanoo bikes are made to offer you a new, safe and agile way to get everywhere in the city. We decided to install wheels with a smaller diameter than the other models on the market to help you ride in the traffic in the most agile and quick way, always caring for your safety. Questo senza rinunciare alla sicurezza.

The large section tires of our wheels grant the maximum stability and strength to absorb clashes and potholes.

Così avrai una bicicletta semplice da trasportare quando è chiusa e pronta a sfrecciare in un’esperienza di guida senza precedenti.

Unfold the power!

Classic Nanoo isn’t just a bike: it’s a travel buddy for your everyday adventures. 


Don’t let the small size fool you: unleash the power of the up-to-8 speeds gear and rely on the braking system. Even the everyday commute becomes a joyful and exciting ride.

Your bike always by your side

We spent a long time thinking how we could redefine city bikes. We found a solutionwhich is a revolution. Nanoo bicycles aren’t designed to be just nice and comfortable to ride, but to be easy to carry even when they are folded.

Our brand new trapezoidal frame with double aluminum trellis is the best solution for a bike you can carry around with no effort and without lifting it from the ground.

A bicycle you can handle like a carry-on, ready to sprint in just 10 seconds.



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    Dimensions 70 × 50 cm
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    12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches

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