Change the way we live our cities. Together.

Nanoo was born to offer you a brand new way to experience your city with a smart and compact ride like no other folding bikes.

Our bicycles are designed to bring you all the freedom you need without giving up on comfort. Say goodbye to traffic jams, to the hours wasted in line in your car, to the crazy runs to get downtown when there isn’t any taxi available. Your Nanoo bike will always be by your side ready to be unfolded and sprint fast to your meetings.

A revolution called Nanoo

Nanoo is how we imagine the future of urban traffic. The getaway to an healthier, smarter and more sustainable life in the cities.

We asked ourselves what we could do to improve the traditional idea of folding bike. So, we redesign the frame using a special aluminium combined with a new hinging system to easily fold and unfold the bicycle. The most important part is how we rethink the way you take your closed bike with you. A hand on the saddle. That’s all you need to carry your bike like a carry-on, without hunching or lifting it from the ground.

Little big innovations that make Nanoo the best sidekick for your urban adventures.

Built to last

Light, easy to fold and to carry, Nanoo bike is made thinking about you. We craft a small numers of pieces at a time so we can easily get follow ups from any person who decides to join our traffic revolution. All the details are handmade with continuous quality checks.

Nanoo aims to bring you an easier life, not a harder one. So, if you need technical support or spare parts, you can go to any bike shop, without reaching out to us. Yes, our projects are ones of a kind, but we make them with common parts easy to find.

A new way to imagine urban mobility

Nanoo is just the first step of a new way to imagine and live sustainable mobility. We at Ubiquoo are public speakers, supporters and ambassadors of this green revolution. A ride towards a more efficient and eco-friendly city life. In Ubiquoo background there are almost ten years spent in the folding bikes business and design. This is the road we choose to follow to reach a new future, where the cities are designed to offer a better environment to all the human beings.

Nanoo by Ubiquoo logo