Three different wheel size: 12, 14 or 16 inches

pedali e batteria

Choose between two different models: classic or electric


Light and strong thanks to the aluminum frame


Easy to fold and unfold, ready in just 10 seconds

Your New Partner For Your City Rides

The traditional bicycle
as you have never experienced it.

Explore the city effortlessly.

Sometimes, biking can cause some space issues. There are many folding bikes that are way too big even when they are closed, too heavy and not easy to carry around. The classic bike is even worse: it’s almost impossible to take it with you on trains or buses. And if you leave it in the street, you live in a constant fear that someone could steal it.

With Nanoo you can forget all these concerns. You’ll just need 10 seconds to fold your bike and easily take it with you using only one hand on the handlebar. It’s like a carry-on, but way smaller and lighter in both classic and electric models. You can bring it on public transit services, it fits with no problem in the trunk of your car and you will always find a spot to drop it at the office or at home. And it’s ready for a new ride with just a couple of clicks.

With Nanoo you can say goodbye to traffic jams.

Join the revolution for a new urban mobility and enter a smarter and more enjoyable way of moving. With Nanoo you ride through the city without caring about congestion, restricted traffic zones, parkings and rush hour.

Thanks to the folding bike you can try new ways to get where you need to go, bringing your bicycle with you on trains, buses and subways. This is why Nanoo is the best partner to experience your city and enjoy a new pleasure in urban exploration.

Leaving the car in the garage could maybe seem a small and futile gesture against air pollution to you, but it’s not. Giving up on your car it’s good for the environment and for your health.

Riding is carbon-neutral and doesn’t generate noise or light pollution.

Choose sustainable mobility and start today to cut CO2 emissions and take action for a greener and pollution-free future.

Biking is healthy! Take a few minutes to ride your bike to work or to run your errands, and say goodbye to traffic stress and fatigue, and your life will become healthier, more active and joyful.

The bike is good for your mind and soul, too. When you ride, you boost your dopamine level, the hormone responsible for good mood. A real game-changer for your life. And if you are afraid that it could be too tiring for you, you can pick one of our electric models!

Stylish, practical, handy and perfect to fit in your urban style with personality. Nanoo is not just transportation: it is a real add-on to define your look and experience a healthy, smart and hip way of life. Choose the best model for you in your favourite color and customize your ride with the best add-ons for your urban biker attitude.

Discover the world
of Nanoo folding bikes

Choose between Nanoo classic and electric models to pick the best ride for your urban adventures.
Every bike is smart and handy, easy to carry with you when it’s folded and ready to get back on track in just 10 seconds.

We worked hard to give you a folding bike different from any other, with a fancy and sporty spirit at the same time. We studied what we think are the more common flaws among other bikes. We especially noticed two problems: the size and the transportability of the folded bicycles.

We designed a brand new mechanism to fold the bike and bring it with you in the most comfortable way and without lifting it from the ground. We introduced a new horizontal hinching system and a trapezoidal frame with double aluminum trellis to give you an innovative way to fold your bike. Nanoo stands up on its own when it’s closed and it’s easier for you to carry it around.



Quick Folding

It really takes just 10 seconds to fold and unfold your Nanoo. The simple and intuitive mechanism lets you lock your bike together in a compact package in a few seconds.

Strength and performance

The frame has a strong and steady structure that resists shocks and compression up to 400 kilos, way more than many other folding bikes on the market.


The locking system makes transportation simple and effortless. The folded bike stands up on its own and it just needs your hand on the saddle to go.

Find your stride

Each Nanoo bike has an aluminum handlebar that you can set to your preferred height so you always have the maximum driving comfort. To complete your ideal set-up, choose the best anatomical gel saddle for your size.

Nanoo fb12 muscolare giallo aperta su strada
Nanoo fb12 elettrica rosso chiusa in ascensore
Nanoo fb12 muscolare giallo chiusa


We designed 3 different wheel sizes – 12, 14 or 16 inches.
Each diameter has different settings for the gear, the braking system and the motor for electric models.

12 inches

Our smaller wheel, the more agile in the urban traffic and the easier to carry around. Don’t let the small size fool you: the aluminum alloy rim and the large tires offer a unique stability in any situation.
The 12 inches Nanoo comes with a Shimano 7-speed gearbox designed to ride without effort on any ground.

14 inches

The 14″ wheel offers great agility and over-the-top performances. The Shimano 8-speed gearbox is great for your urban style.
Our medium-size wheel is just 90 millimeters wider than the 12″ one when folded. The perfect size for a great bike.

16 inches

The right wheel if you are looking for a solid, multi-ground folding bike. The wider diameter comes with an aluminum rim with spokes, disc brakes and a Shimano 8-speed gearbox.
Pick the 16″ wheel to ride in the city without any risk.

Classic or Electric


The choice of your ideal Nanoo depends on what you are looking for in a bike and in its features.

Our models are designed to provide you stability, comfort and a simple way to carry the locked bike with you. Only you can understand which one is the right Nanoo for you. If you are looking for lightness and agility on the road, the 12″ classic model could be a good choice. Taller persons could be more comfortable on a 16″ ride, but if you plan to drive your bike to the office without sweating your shirt, the electric Nanoo is your best call.

Your new Nanoo is waiting for you.

Jump on the classic folding bike

The traditional bicycle, Nanoo style. Enjoy your city rides with a light, safe and easy to fold and carry bike.

Sprint with the motor

Up to 40km, from 3 to 5 levels of assistance to your ride and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, full charge in 3 hours. Find a new way to live in the city with a Nanoo electric bike.

A durable folding bike

For your next electric bike we designed a brand new mechanism to fold it and take it with you in the most comfortable way and without lifting it from the ground.

Our new horizontal hinching system brings a revolution for folding bikes. When Nanoo is closed, you just need a hand on the saddle and the bike follows you.

The joints also give Nanoo a safer and stronger guidance system to resist shocks and clashes.

Ride it as you like it

Create your unique biking experience.

Each Nanoo bike has an aluminum handlebar that you can set at your preferred height, a unique feature for the maximum comfort.
To complete your ideal set-up, choose the best anatomical gel saddle for your size and take the ride of your life.

Pick the color of your Nanoo

Explore the Nanoo color range and find the perfect folding bike for your urban style.

All the models are available in black, white, yellow, orange, red, green, apple green, light blue and brushed aluminum with laser engraved Nanoo logo.

You can customize your bike with faux leather covers chosen among 900 different textures.


Where can I find the motor on Nanoo e-bikes? + -

On the 12” Nanoo electric bikes the motor is on the front wheel, on the 14” and 16” models it’s on the back wheel.

What’s the difference? + -

If we talk about laws and safety, there are no differences. We simply put the motors in two different places for technical reasons.

Are Nanoo electric bikes compliant with traffic laws? + -

Yes of course, Nanoo engines are compliant with maximum speed and power limits.

Where can I get technical support? + -

Nanoo comes with the standard two-years warranty required by EU laws.

What about the warranty? + -

Nanoo comes with the standard two-years warranty required by EU laws.

Where can I get bike maintenance? + -

You can go to there store where you bought your Nanoo. If you purchased it online, you can go to any bike shop and we will be happy to offer our support if needed.

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